Business Communication Professional

Communication, Psychology & Stressmanagement

No matter who you think you are, you are always in all ways more than that.

Whoever wants to get things done, they require impact and influence. Knows himself and fills himself with talents, knowledge and skills. Recognizes in others what others can be recognized in. Communicates effectively.

Communications Professional is a personal journey with lots of assignments and exercises in which you learn to communicate from who you are and what you want to achieve. You explore untrodden paths in your personality. You learn to understand the origin of your behavior and thus give your (communicative) talents a chance.

Professional communication for people who want to draw up the balance (again). For people who want to get the best from themselves and crave a course that lasts, even after years. For people who want to invest in themselves. Because they think they are worth the investment.

Some of the results:

  • You have insight into the communication of interlocutors;
  • You act successfully on what is being said and how it is said;
  • You are able to creatively build your influence;
  • You are skilled in observing, listening and asking relevant questions;
  • You know the impact of your non-verbal communication and you see this in others;
  • You raise conversations to a higher level;
  • You are able to use other communication styles;
  • You are able to increase the self power in others;
  • You have full understanding and confidence in your skills;
  • You are effective in your work because of your coaching and communication skills and attitudes;
  • You have direction from your vision and choose what you find important;
  • You approach the next part of your life with renewed energy and inspiration;
  • You have used and tools for personal development;
  • You are passionate about and in your daily life.

The duration of the course is 14 days. This is concluded with an exam. The program is accredited by the post HBO CPION. By successfully completing this training you will receive an official post-graduate diploma.

The training takes approximately 120 study hours to complete, spread over 14 days including one weekend. Besides the 120 study hours, it is the intention that time off is used for self-study, an estimated 8 hours per week.

Exam: The end of the training consists of a theoretical competition, coaching sessions and a presentation.

Exemption: There is no possibility of exemption from certain parts of the course.

Start Level: Minimum 18 Years, HBO working and thinking.

Investment: € 3.950,- VAT free, including lunches during school days, textbooks and teaching materials, excluding overnight stay and dinner in zeeland (€ 350,-)