Business Communication Master

Communication, Psychology & Stressmanagement

No matter who you think you are, you are always in all ways more than that.

The education ‘Business Communication Master’ is the logical sequel to “Business Communication Professional”. At a exceptional location on the isle of Gran Canary, exercise and relaxation come together.

Both in the personal and professional area, this officially accredited post –grad training adds another level to the already existing standard of ‘Business Communicatie Professional’.  A change in approach and surroundings is a proven method to achieve great results in a short period of time. That is why we have deliberately chosen Gran Canaria. Because of the long training days, we make optimal use of this environment. In short, you become a ‘master’ in communication and behavioral change; being able to identify in detail and act on the subconscious processes and Deep Structures (as opposed to Surface Structure) regarding communication.

What can be expected? A broad spectrum of new possibilities, giving you powerful tools to wield positive influence on a personal and professional level. Starting from the principles of authenticity, power and confidence, you learn to distinguish yourself, bringing YOU forward as the difference that makes the difference.
You will experience your true identity and are therefore stable in your own authentic power. You will master communication and behavior and are able to unconsciously process in detail and deep structures related to communication in recognizing and responding to them. Issues such as strategies, values and beliefs play an important role.

Some of the results:

  • You discover the power of personal growth and mastery;
  • You understand the communication and psychology in group processes;
  • You act successfully in conflicts and miscommunication;
  • You master the art of non-verbal behavior and attitudes;
  • You are adept at observing, listening and asking relevant questions about transformation processes;
  • You are able to add value and create growth at both at a personal and business level ;
  • You are able to use communication styles at Master level and you function from natural leadership;
  • You have complete understanding and confidence in your abilities, and acts in an authentic way;
  • You are effective in your job because of your distinctive coaching and communication skills and attitude;
  • You have a clear vision and choose what’s important for you;
  • You approach the next part of your life with renewed passion, energy and inspiration.

The program offers plenty of room to work on personal or practical cases.

The post-graduate training is accredited by the CPION and successful completion of this training you will receive an official post-graduate diploma. The training takes approximately 116 hours study space spread over 13 days, of which 10 in Gran Canary en 3 in the Netherlands. Besides the 116 study hours, it is the intention that time off is used for learning, which is estimated at approximately 10 hours per week until the end of the course.

The end of the training consists of a theoretical test, coaching sessions, a final assignment and a presentation.

There is no possibility of exemption from certain parts of the course.

Start Level:
Minimum 18 years, in possession of post-graduate diploma Business Communication Profesional.

€ 4.750, including breakfast and dinner, textbooks and teaching materials.