Prevent dangerous situations and foster successful interventions.


Observe, interpret, communicate and act, are central in the training. In a few sessions, participants learn to recognize the behavior of others. And what reaction is desirable and effective. How do you respond to someone who is drunk? Or aggressive? How do you prevent it from becoming dangerous? And what do you do to revert from a dangerous situation to a safe one and to stay safe?

You learn to remain functioning under difficult conditions. You are handed tools which are custom made for you. In practical cases you will experience how the theory can be applied in practice.

During training, we use a professional actor who maps practical situations. In addition, the training led by two trainers with extensive police experience. This will create the necessary attention to the legal aspects. If necessary, a counselor can be employed, who specializes in behavioral psychology. In this way, Sirius Commitment provides additional support for people who in have experienced violence, threats or intimidation.

There is also a special program for special investigative officials (boas).