About authenticity, stress management, leadership, using your own power, making choices and balance.
An extraordinary, intense, and highly effective program.
Eight days in Turkey, plus preparation and after-care.
Leadership+ is a brief, intense and effective training, that gives you the strength to position yourself, to make choices, and to adhere to them.

Getting things done requires
momentum, influence and self-knowledge

Sirius Commitment has high expectations of you, participating in this week.
E.g.: you have the knowledge, experience and competence that have brought you where you are right now, and you want to re-balance yourself for a step-up. You want:

  • to get the best out of you, therefore you need skills. For now and for the years to come.
  • to pause and appreciate what’s really important to you, and act accordingly.
  • to invest in leadership, because you want to influence your own future.

Because you are worth the investment.
You want to be best prepared to get the most out of your training. First, you’ll have a personal interview, followed by a group-meeting to get aquainted with your fellow-coursemembers. The next step will be flying to Turkey with a group of max. 12 persons, accompanied by a trainer. Upon arrival, other trainers will join the group. On site, course-members with medical impairments can rely on the services of a doctor for advice and/or assistance. The training itself consists of eight intensive days in Turkey.

Just a few of the many results:

  • Taking command instead of giving command
  • Anticipation instead of reaction
  • Stress management, dealing with adverse circumstances
  • Skills and competences regarding personal/professional growth
  • Energy, passion, authenticity and balance

‘When you do what you did, you’ll get what you got’
– When is ‘now’ the right moment! –